Nicole Shultz

The Designer

Design is a passion Nicole has treasured for many years, as she grew up around the industry. Her father was a contractor and loved including her during the design process.  From choosing wall colors and light fixtures to designing custom-built furniture; these tiptoes into design grew into a love of how a place could make you feel on the inside.

After graduating from FSU's Interior Design School, Nicole launched her career in the high-end furniture industry.  By branching out on her own, she is able to help with the entire design process.  Whether remodeling or decorating, her tasteful opinions and inventive perspectives will guide you in curating a home you will fall in love with again and again!

Name, Title

  Madison Thompson

The Assistant

Madison is the gears that keep our business side running smoothly.  She stays in regular contact with our clients, updating them on their invoices, taking care of customer service, and overall manages the paperwork.  Her dedication to making sure our business is operating efficiently and professionally is one of her many invaluable qualities. 


She loves hanging out with her friends and family, reading books, playing the flute, and cooking delicious meals. We are so thankful to have her as part of our team!